Massive 2-Phase Install


Thousand Oaks, CA


November 2016

& January 2019


I have made one maintenance trip up 18 months post-installation to evaluate the health of the plants, treat aloes and agaves with a systemic to protect against weevils and mites, reset a few overgrown plants and touch up the rock ribbons.

This two-acre estate property in Zone 10a was my largest installation to date in 2017. Karen and Jeff wanted me to address every square inch of usable space! The property was riddled with tired, old rose bushes and various dilapidated perennial shrubs. We removed many failing trees that had fallen victim to the California drought, leaving me with an exciting blank canvas, save for a few sycamore trees, a coral tree and a carrotwood, that were still in reasonable shape.

We broke the project into two phases, spread six months apart. The clients had seen my work at a neighboring property and jumped at the chance to get on my schedule! As per the usual client demands, they wanted a low water, low maintenance, deer and rabbit resistant, climate appropriate succulent work of art. No problemo!


This installation and the ongoing maintenance was and is made possible by the combined efforts of Team DFS, local gardening staff and dozens of volunteers that have made the pilgrimage from as far afield as Texas, to help me make this dream garden a reality.

A heartfelt “thanks” to you all!

Thousand Oaks
Thousand Oaks Grand Reveal
Drone Footage
Maintenance Walkthrough
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