Front and Back Yard Design and Hardscape


Chula Vista, CA


August 2018

Client Cindy reached out to me on Facebook after moving to a new home in Chula Vista from the San Fransisco area. She had been following me on social media for a couple of years and was thrilled that we now lived in the same town!

Cindy’s spacious home was built in 2005 and not much creativity went into the landscape. She had a lovely pool and jacuzzi and food hardscape in place but wanted a covered area and new outdoor kitchen/BBQ.

Once the sub-contracted kitchen and pergola build was completed, we went to work on installing a flagstone patio under the pergola. I softened up the concrete around the pool by planting up a gorgeous assortment of ceramic pots in shades of blue and aquamarine. We also installed custom gutters on the fences and stuffed them with succulents.

Cindy had two, large raised beds crafted, which we placed in the side yard area that gets lots of sun. We filled them with organic soil and planted them with seasonal vegetables. We then added ornate, decorative, free standing screens to camouflage the pool equipment and set off the planters.

Every flower bed was gutted, and specimen succulents and cacti were planted in new, well-draining soil that had been mounded in key areas. It was both fun and rewarding to say “goodbye” to the patchy lawn and tired, overgrown and ratty shrubs.


In the small front yard, we demolished a raised bed that served no purpose and visually cut up the yard. The lawn was removed, and five cubic yards of soil were installed, along with large honey quartz boulders and a selection of mature succulent specimens from Waterwise Botanicals in Escondido, California. My signature topdressings were applied on top of a new drip irrigation system, installed by Greg and Team DFS. Rock ribbons and lights finished the look.

This transformation took seven days and the results? Spectacular!

Chula Vista Installation - Day 1
Chula Vista Installation - Day 2
Chula Vista Installation - Day 3
Chula Vista Installation - Day 4
Chula Vista Installation - Day 5
Chula Vista Installation - Grand Reveal
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