Front and Back Yard Design and Hardscape


Pacific Beach, CA


July 2018

Christine and Frank were in the mist of a one year home remodel when Team DFS showed up to talk about the landscape. The yard was basically a construction sight and was littered with debris, tools, and even a kitchen sink!

The homeowners wanted us to transform their outdoor spaces to reflect peace and harmony all while paying tribute to the mid century modern feel of their home.

No Problem!

Laura began by removing all debris and appliances from the front and back yard areas, bought in 15 yards of soil, flagstones for pathways, a basalt fountain, and an assortment of both sun and shade loving succulent plants that Laura weaved into her signature Succulent Tapestries.

Christine had a large collection of blue pots and glass gazing balls that she wanted to integrate into the garden and what fun we had making that dream a reality!

After Greg modified the existing spray heads to subterranean drip and ran cable for more lights, we topdressed with a new product called Indigo Basalt. This 1/4 inch rock has a matte finish and really made the plants pop! Ribbons of Baja cresta rubble were added after all of the pots and glass balls were staged.

The result is a showstopping, peaceful, meditation garden that we hope our clients enjoy for many years to come.

Pacific Beach Installation - Day 1
Pacific Beach Installation - Day 2
Pacific Beach Installation - Day 3
Pacific Beach Installation - Day ??
Pacific Beach Installation - Grand Reveal
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