Front/Backyard Install & Water Feature


Carlsbad, CA


May 2016

This four phase complete garden renovation in Carlsbad is now home to several hundreds of succulents. Some are staged as individual specimens, while others coexist in one of the many tapestry design areas located throughout the front, side and back gardens.

One of Greg's masterful pondless waterfalls graces the back side slope where it is enjoyed from inside the home through a dining room picture window. Scroll down for your Succulent Tip of the Day to see me install the plants around this gorgeous water feature.

This garden is maintained regularly and meticulously by the client, and I visit four times a year to do the heavy lifting.

The property had a newer, functional spray irrigation system, which we left alone. It is activated occasionally for just a few minutes at a time in the hotter months and is turned off all winter long.

The remaining trees and shrubs on the property benefit from the neighbor's irrigation schedule, which is liberal in order to support their lawns.

This low water, undemanding garden is the pride of the neighborhood and enjoyed by all who pass by!


Click here to hear what the owners have to say.

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