Front and Back Yard Design and Hardscape


Coronado, CA


August 2017

The garden surrounding this historic home, built in 1917 on Coronado island, belongs to a Master Gardener. Unfortunately, she had been dealing with her husband's health issues and the garden suffered for it. A lawn, mow curb and miscellaneous shrubs were removed in preparation for the installation of one of Laura's signature Succulent Tapestry gardens.

We brought three yards of amended top soil into the 1000 square foot space to create movement in the landscape. Boulders were placed, pottery was staged and foundation plants were sunk.

Specimen plants were brought in from a collector's garden in San Marcos, which included a trio of mature Echinocactus grusonii, aka "Golden Barrels" and two picture-perfect Agave victoriae-reginae  "Compacta's." Other specimen plants were brought in from Waterwise Botanicals up in Escondido. A large Pachypodium lamerii, Aloe banesii and Beaucarnea recurvata were were staged as focal points, and an assortment of soft succulents were installed in key Tapestry areas.


Non-succulents include an 80-year-old citrus tree and a new hedge of Dodonaea viscosa, or "Purple Hopseed Bush" was planted to soften a white-walled redwood out building.

Irrigation was retrofitted to subterranean drip, and a 2" thick layer of 3/8" Desert Gold rock topdessing was applied. Laura's signature "rock ribbons" finished the installation by bringing a visual third dimension to the design.

The result is a breathtaking Succulent Garden that will inspire and delight our client and her guests for many years to come.

Coronado Succulent Installation - Day 1
Coronado Succulent Installation - Day 2
Coronado Succulent Installation - Day 3
Coronado Succulent Installation - Day 4
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