Back Yard Design and Hardscape


Coronado, CA


December 2017

When I met with Kathie for the first time in her Coronado backyard, I almost offered to design her new garden for free. The overgrown, neglected space was overflowing with potential and I knew immediately that I could work MAGIC with it!


Filled with a hodgepodge of miscellaneous shrubs and hundreds of aeoniums, the yard lacked continuity and flow. We widened and extended the flagstone path, poured amended topsoil on the existing gray gravel and topdressed with a beautiful golden crushed rock and added a selection of large boulders.


I repurposed the Aeoniums and integrated them into the new design while adding a large selection of new succulents, well suited to the microclimate.


Raised beds got stuffed with succulents, bougainvillea was trained on to a privacy fence and a Secret Garden was created by adding a small bench, assorted pottery, and a birdbath. The new garden is breathtaking in its simplicity and will require very little ongoing maintenance.  

Coronado Succulent Installation - Day 1
Coronado Succulent Installation - Day 2
Coronado Succulent Installation - Day 3
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