Pacific Beach

"The garden is everything I hoped it would be! The cantinas and front door are all open, there’s a wonderful breeze going thru the house and garden, and Finn and I can’t stay out of the garden! Finn is having a blast running through the house and around the paths, and is being very respectful of the plants so far, so all is good!

Laura I really appreciated your willingness to incorporate the blue pots, who knew there were so many of them, and all my collection of balls! The indigo basalt looks fabulous! It really integrates the color of the house into the garden.

Greg, I really appreciate all the work you put into the irrigation system and lights!
Team DSF you guys rocked!"

- Frank and Christine

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Chula Vista

"I recently relocated to Southern California.  At the top of my renovation list was to replace the tired, water-hogging, UGLY garden.  I've been following Laura and Design for Serenity for a few years on Facebook. It was so exciting to have her revamp my front and backyard. She has a wonderful knowledge and feel for how to combine colors, textures, and depth with beautiful succulents and cacti. Laura and her crew have such passion for their creations and it shows brilliantly in their work.


They created a flowing landscape with gentle mounds of soil, boulders, and placement of plants. The beautiful and colorful rock top dressing, along with Laura's signature ribboning really showcases the landscape. Greg's landscape lighting is the icing on the cake! The finishing touches were Laura's choice of pots that added beautiful color to the yard, including the turquoise rain gutters busting with colorful succulents!


Laura transformed a yard I hated to be in into a magical place I love to spend time in.  I couldn't be more thrilled and happy!"

- Cindy

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University Heights

"Where and how can I find the words to describe this one-in-a-million company?  In addition to creating a unique, amazing, gorgeous landscape in my backyard, Design for Serenity is a joy to work with.  Laura and Greg are so easy going, positive and upbeat.  I can be challenging, but that never deterred them. Most importantly, in this day and age of companies not caring about their product, Laura and Greg stand behind everything they do. 


After the work was completed I ran into an issue with my yard. Laura reassured me everything would be fixed and was out here the very next day. The day after seeing and analyzing how to best fix the problem, she had a crew member at my home correcting the problem. And everything is fixed to perfection. Laura has repeatedly told me to let her know if anything arises in the yard and she will take care of it. And I know she will. It is so refreshing dealing with this very special company."

- GG

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"First off, I would like to say that Laura Eubanks is one of the kindest, most authentic and gifted people we have ever met. Of all the companies we've worked with over the years on home improvement projects, Design For Serenity gave us the most amazing experience. After having a sustainable, waterwise hardscape installed over 3 years ago, we had only a few succulents and plants that I somehow managed to let die in the first year messing with the drip system. We thought of just replacing the plants with new ones, but my wife and I really wanted to add to something more colorful, unique and special to our yard than the existing rock garden. We wanted to have a front yard where we could sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and tranquility of a beautiful landscape.

After doing a lot of research we found Laura Eubanks, and after reading all her reviews, magazine articles and watching her famous YouTube “Succulent Tip of the Day” videos, we knew she was who we wanted for our yard.

Laura’s knowledge, creativity and vision for design is simply incredible to experience. In less than a week Laura and her fantastic crew was able to transform our yard into a dreamscape we never could of imagined. From day one to the final completion Laura and her crew were just incredible to work with, and to say we're happy and thrilled is truly an understatement. We are beyond elated and 100% satisfied with the final design of our beautiful front yard. We highly recommend Design for Serenity for anyone looking to have their yard transformed into something truly amazing and beautiful. You will not be disappointed!

Laura, we couldn't have asked for anything better and the end result left us even more in-love with our home!  - Eric and Yesenia"


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